Hearing our Heroes

According to Forbes magazine’s annual analysis of domestic charities, three of the five most ineffective charities are aimed at veterans. It is a belittling fact that our veterans do not receive the aid, charity, and appreciation they deserve. Hearing Our Heroes is a charitable organization that was started by a small group of concerned students from Monsigner Farrell High School who made a single visit to the VA Hospital in Brooklyn. We realized how much they appreciated our gratitude for their service. We also realized that the local community needs to show more interest in their well being. With that in mind, we went back to Farrell with a mission: to create and take part in events that support and benefit the local veterans community. To this day, over 100 members of Hearing Our Heroes have donated hundreds of hours of service from snow shoveling for veterans to visiting the VA Hospital to welcoming them home. We are currently beginning our fund raising efforts, which will allow us to provide homeless veterans with clothes, food, and toiletries, update the library and recreation rooms at the VA Hospital, take some veterans to the ballpark for a game, host sporting events for injured vets through creating the Hero Games, and host a barbeque where the community can celebrate and thank the veterans for their sacrifice. We invite anyone from the local community to help us in our mission. It is truly our duty as Americans to insure that those who have served our great nation in the face of danger, defending our precious freedom that at times we all take for granted at times, receive the appreciation and recognition that they deserve.