According to Forbes magazine’s annual analysis of domestic charities, three of the five most ineffective charities are aimed at veterans. It is a disparaging fact that our veterans do not receive the aid, charity, and appreciation they deserve. Hearing Our Heroes is a charitable organization that was founded by a small group of concerned students from Monsignor Farrell High School who were motivated by a visit we made to the VA Hospital in Brooklyn. We realized how much they appreciated our gratitude for their service. We also realized that the local community needs to show more interest in their well being. To this day, over 100 members of Hearing Our Heroes have donated hundreds of hours of service from snow shoveling for veterans, to visiting the VA Hospital, visiting Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland to welcoming soldiers home. Recently, members of Hearing Our Heroes were invited to the George Bush Center’s Warrior Open in Texas where they were able to meet servicemen who were severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and tell them how much we appreciate their sacrifice.


If you are interested in founding a Hearing our Heroes chapter, please view our expansion materials.